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Meet Kevin McNulty!

Kevin is a Global communicator, International business entrepreneur, author, pastor, teacher and diplomat of Christ to presidents and national churches, Dr. McNulty and his wife, Leslie, are co-founders of Christian Adventures International with offices in the U.S., Russia and India, and pioneers of the Eurasian 100-Tent Project. Dr. McNulty has addressed millions in audiences as great as 250,000 spanning more than 30 years. He shared the platform as an associate minister and Global Events Director with the late Missionary Statesman Dr. T. L. Osborn, coordinated Dr. Osborn’s international events for 16 years. Dr. McNulty has served in various ministry capacities as Pastor, Associate, Missionary and Bible School Teacher. His 10 years of experience living in Russia planting churches, Bible schools and training missionaries, combined with ministry experience in more than 60 nations, provides him a unique, intense perspective for today’s global environment. Dr. McNulty earned a doctorate and master’s degree from Life Christian University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, where he was captain of the Big 10 varsity tennis team.

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