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Did you know there are cars that actually increase in value over time? Some of them doubled in value from the moment they left the factory, like the Ferrari Enzo. Of course we might look at cars and say that doesn’t happen very often.

What about people? Are people doomed to lose value over time? I don’t think so. Like cars, people can lose value and rust, wear out, fade or stop functioning; but this does not have to be so. When we were in Cuba, I was delighted to drive around in many cars from the 1940’s. There was a pride of ownership and a special attention given to each car. At a car show in Florida, I saw that it was the old cars that had the most appeal and attention.

Friends, your best years are ahead of you if you will just keep yourself up! You are gathering valuable information. You have experience. You have evaluated mistakes and gathered information so you will not make those mistakes again. You are time tested and trusted. Rise up in expectation, you are ready for your greatest challenges today!

Here at Christian Adventures we see a world that is waiting, and we are ready to go!

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